The inevitable end of the leaf adventures – returning to sydney

Its been a while since the last update however there is still a little more left until I touched down in Sydney. It was a long and sickly journey ridden with grief, disease and hello kitty tissues. I got up after only a few hours sleep from my sickbed and got dressed into my Ciggerette flavoured clothes. I checked out and stepped out into cold where my 18 or so hours of sadness started.


I walked pass the store where I had gotten the large tasty fried battered squids a few days ago and a few stores down, a blanket of steam was rising from the large steamers that most certainly held mouthwatering buns that commuters and early risers alike would surely fill their stomachs with in 1 or 2 hours time. That however was far from my mind as to the coarse needles in my throat prickled the life out of me. Dragging my 2 heavy bags along the dark road with small coughs and sniffles behind my blue bacteria/pollution mask I bought the day before, I made my way to the station for a train to Pudong airport.


Back home, here i come!

The sun had made good progress up the sky near the end of the 45 minute train ride and although the picture doesn’t really show it well, the burning sun reigned the skies with a beautiful vibrant scarlet red as I headed into that direction of the horizon where home was.



Arriving at the airport, I got lost trying to find where to check in for my flight. I dragged myself a few laps up and down the long long terminal before finally finding the correct check in point which was also the breaking point where I completely regretted bringing a backpack, and instead should have bought a suitcase, a big one with wheels and a handle with well shaped finger grooves.


I immediately entered the gates and revisited the restaurant I had eaten at last time I was here for my flight to Hong Kong. Free of my baggage, I slumped myself at the table and ordered the blandest udon noodle soup (despite how it looks) I had ever tasted –  perhaps it was because i was sick,nevertheless, the blandness was probably best considering the condition of my sandpaper throat.


I also bought the most expensive water that I had bought in my 3 months overseas except for maybe the bottle I got on the great wall of china. I don’t quite remember the exact price but I remember thinking feeling ripped off which might have been my spoilt side coming out again.

I got on the plane for a flight to Kuala Lumpar lasting 1 packet of tissues (5.5 hours) before having to wait another 3 hours to my flight to Sydney.


Arriving in Kuala Lumpar felt quite good as I was finally connected to the world again with my snapchat and facebook notifications that have been adding up over the past 9 days.


I filled up on some fish congee and passed time being sick but trying to be not that sick by avoiding people.


It seemed like my habits I acquired from being sick in Japan was still fresh as I protective of my coughing and sneezing like it was a big secret. Everyone in the boarding area was Australian – which kind of felt funny (and familiar) having been in countries where Asian faces are everywhere and where most people don’t speak English for the last 3 months. Anyway, I boarded flight to Sydney that lasted 2 packets of tissues (9.5 hours) – which was burdened with large amounts of discomfort, aggravation and boredom. Falling in and out of sleep bouts, I would wake up to check the time and distance to find that only 15 minutes had passed since I last woke and checked. Towards the last hour, I was wide awake and my body was screaming to be let off the plane. Towards the last 45 minutes, my body was literally screaming and my ears felt like they were going to explode. The plane was on its slow descent and I guess the pressure was messing with my sinuses and other bodily holes. Towards the last 15 minutes of the flight, a general announcement was made regarding customs as well as asking anyone that feels sick or unwell to report to the hostesses to get checked out in case of bringing foreign diseases into the country. I briefly considered it and irresponsibly discarded the warning, thinking of my poor brother waiting to pick me up (probably my bed more so).

Towards home we flew and when we arrived, it was around 7 am in the morning and the sun had gone right around the globe and back as radiant as the day before. The scene was nostalgic of the day I was leaving to Japan.


the morning i arrived back in sydney


the morning I left sydney

I was well and truly back in Sydney.


It was Christmas day, dressed in my Christmas sweater, I stopped by the duty free alcohol store to pick up a little present for myself but only made it 2 times more strenuous to carry all my things on the way out. My brother waited at the car park with our familiar maroon shitbox camry.


Home we went, along familiar roads and we arrived back at that familiar garage door of our home.


My room was such beautiful sight even with all the mess I left before I went away.


I threw all my bags down and left it for another days problem, as my mother made me honey lemon tea and I had an emotional reunion with my beloved laptop.


I was back after 3 months and it felt like a long time however I still couldn’t believe it was over thinking back to before I went. It was my first trip overseas that I had been planning for a long time and I met so many people, saw and experienced so many things.


Various tickets and passes collected from my time Korea, China and Hong Kong.

I was glad to be back but I’m not sure it would be the same story had I not been sick towards the end.

Initially, I started writing my blog to share with friends and family however as i kept writing, I began writing it for myself to keep for memories sake. Having been almost 7 months since I had returned, it somehow took me this whole time to finish this blog but now that I have, I think its time I can close that chapter of my life and progress with a new one. So after 89 days, 4 countries, almost 9000 photos and 80 blog posts, this is all for my blog for now, but perhaps there will be new adventures in the future.

Until then, thanks for reading everyone!!


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  1. thanks for blogging! 🙂

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