Shanghai day 5 – Shanghais Special dumplings, congee and KTV

The next day, I had actually planned to go on a sidetrip to a famous neighbouring water town but I never made it down the top bunk at a reasonable time. Instead I caught brunch with a friend at a small little eatery nearby the hostel. We were aiming to get some congee (rice porridge) which is a common breakfast food for chinese, however most places were all sold out by the time we walked out the hostel doors.


Instead, my friend ordered me some beef noodles resembling somewhat like pho. Unfortunately, it didn’t taste as good but was still good to my cold, dry lips and empty stomach. On the side, I also ordered the same shanghai dumplings (which shall now be known as ssd short for special shanghai dumplings) I had left a strong impression on me a few days back and the second time didn’t disappoint.


random buildings around the west nanjing area where my hostel was located with a view of the pearl tower at the back sticking out

We walked the streets looking for some more street food fill up the cracks and corners in our stomach. I came across a Chinese crepe/pancake store which looked super appetising and different than what I had seen in China.


Sure I had eaten and wasn’t particularly hungry but I told my friend to tell the lady to put everything on just for the sake of trying it. She cooked it and wrapped it in some tissues in front of me and paying the 29RMB ($5~aud), I received the juicy crepe. It was however, nothing special and just as you would expect, a crepe.


Nevertheless, I finished it all. Arriving back at the hostel, I was not sure what to do so I ended up playing pool and hanging out with the longer term residents that were staying at the hostel.


I followed that up by getting some more SSD for late lunch, and would later go out with some friends to have Congee and more SSD on the side for dinner.



The real harry potter

That night, a big group of us went out ‘ktv’ which is what the Chinese call karaoke. On the way there via the train station, I went through one of the most painful bladder experiences and one of the most urgent dashes through the train station to date – curse large train stations. After the chaos died down in my pants, we walked from west Nanjing station to a nearby shopping complex and went on the lifts to the top. Somehow we paid and got a large room for over 10 people.


We walked through the maze of karaoke rooms until we found the room. We bought drinks from the ktv kiosk, similar to a store you would find at the movies but with alcohol instead of slushy machines and popcorn. Getting lost a few times along the way to and from our karaoke room, we brought back baskets and casks of alcohol. Drinks were had and songs were sang.


cranking out zombies by the cranberries

Tambourines and musical shakers (that’s probably the correct term..) also filled the air.


Afterwards, we left for the same club 88 that we visited the night before which was kind of a disappointment but ended up being okay.




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